The Putnam County Fair begins Friday, July 8th, and this year’s fair is packed with fun activities for visitors of all ages. Here are a few things you won’t want to miss.

1. Concerts 
Well-known acts like ERNEST and Dillon Carmichael play on the first Friday and last Saturday of the week, and additional bluegrass, gospel, and country acts play almost nightly.

2. Carnival Games and Rides
Children of all ages love the carnival games and rides. Don’t miss the carousel, ferris wheel, and other perennial favorites included in your admission fee. Or try your chances at any of the games to see if you can win big.

3. Fair Food
We admit it – we have gone to the fair to sample the funnel cakes and deep fried Oreos, and we know you have too. Corn dogs, BBQ, and deep-fried everything offer nostalgic tastes.

4. The Animals
Cattle, rabbits, and goats, oh my! Check out the local 4-H raised livestock. Just don’t get too attached, since they are auctioned throughout the week.

5. Motor Sports
Many folks may not know that the fair offers motorsports all week Рfrom a kids pedal-poweredtractor pull to motocross. Check the schedule to learn more.