Brunch is quite possibly becoming the most favorite meal of the weekend! A little bit of breakfast mixed with the lunchtime hour and delicious drinks, and your weekend is bound to be great! Putnam County local restaurants have kicked it up a notch and are serving up some incredible dishes that feature unique twists on traditional favorites. Bridge Cafe & Bistro took to their town name with a one-of-a-kind dish they’ve deemed: Hurricane Hash! Diced sweet and white potatoes with onions, peoplers, bacon, sausage and their signature Hurricane Red sauce…this is just one of the many options you ONLY find at Bridge! Right down the road at Fairways Bar and Grill you will find old fashioned favorites and brunch creations full of flavor. Fairways always provides your favorite drinks, dishes and a fun atmosphere that will delight. For the king of all egg dishes, Fireside Grille serves up deep fried deviled eggs…it’s even better than it sounds! They feature omelets, their infamous brunch burger, and even a brunch pizza. Need we say more?! If you’re on the go on the weekends (most of us are these days), Sweet Mama’s in Hurricane has grab’n’go brunch on Saturdays with items to delight the sweet tooth as well as their award-winning pepperoni rolls! When it comes to brunch drinks, The Pallet and Drip Coffee have you covered! The Pallet teams up with local food trucks on the weekends to take brunch to the next level with their craft beer flights, Bloody Mary flights, and more! If you need a pick-me-up, Drip Coffee’s locally brewed drinks have just about every flavor option you could imagine. Paired with their avocado toast and you will be coming back for more! All this and more in #PutnamWV!

Find each destination on this flavorful itinerary for the best brunch options in the area!

  1. Bridge Cafe & Bistro
  2. Fairways Bar and Grill
  3. Fireside Grille
  4. Sweet Mama’s
  5. The Pallet Bar
  6. Drip Coffee